How I ended this summer (2010)

The chief of polar station Sergey and young trainee Pavel - one on the island in the Arctic Ocean. Their watch comes to an end. For the first time for many years Sergey will appear on the continent where it the family waits. Pavel's summer practice will terminate, and he didn't test also the 100-th share of those adventures on which counted, going to the Polar region.

The only channel of communication with the world — an unstable radio communication with the central base. In the absence of Sergey the message with which Pavel simply doesn't know how to arrive comes. He hopes that soon behind them the motor ship will come and then all will be resolved by itself. But on Far North all is possible. And sometimes it is necessary to choose between the life and life of another...


"When I in the childhood read diaries and memoirs of polar explorers, I was struck by their ability to adapt for absolutely other ideas of time and space. One winter seemed for me then the whole eternity, to stay in the afternoon of the house was a flour, and these people - in full isolation, for hundreds kilometers from the next housing - quietly disposed of years of the life. This movie in many respects about collision of two people with incompatible ways of existence in space and time. It was possible to remove such history only at full immersion in this special reality. We ran risks, organized absolutely autonomous expedition and spent 3 months at remote polar station in the North of Chukotka. Members of group had to go on the tundra in the rain and snow by an all-terrain vehicle roof, to float on an inflatable boat for 15 kilometers across the Arctic Ocean, to drag the heavy equipment on rocks, to drive away головнями polar bears, but fortunately nobody suffered. The risk came true, and we returned to Moscow with a unique material". About the movie name: "The movie was known under the working name "Last Day". I always treated it as to formal heading. The final name "As I Carried Out This Summer" underlines the relation to the events of the young hero of our movie. Through it we tell this story as its life experience is close to ours. The grammar of this phrase isn't casual — this name with "a double bottom". To learn with which, it is necessary to watch the movie".

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It is quite possible to call the movie and magic, but the magic in works of art sometimes appears irrespective of intentions of authors. And here high quality from doesn't undertake anywhere is a sign of skill. Svetlana Stepnova
"As I carried out this summer" works in a dangerous zone, where a stolkonoveniye of the physical world of severe Puskepalis and the virtual world in Dobrygin's shaggy head — only initial level of game which the following follows: quest in search of a morals source as bases of human acts. Kirill Andreev

Festivals and awards

  • PRIZE FOR BEST ACTOR (Silver bear) - Sergey Puskepalis - the 60th International Berlin film festival
  • PRIZE FOR BEST ACTOR (Silver bear) - Grigory Dobrygin - the 60th International Berlin film festival
  • PRIZE FOR OUTSTANDING ART ACHIEVEMENT in the field of CAMERAWORK (A silver bear) - Pavel Kostomarov - the 60th International Berlin film festival
  • GRAND PRIX - The BEST MOVIE - the First international film festival of the countries of the Arctic "Polar lights"
  • PRIZE for the BEST MOVIE - the 54th London film festival
  • PRIZE for the BEST MOVIE - Award "PARIS HERITAGE CINEMA" Paris, France
  • SPECIAL PRIZE - International film festival of "CinemaScience" Bordeaux, France