Pigeon's Milk (2020)

"Unrecognized Republic of Transnistria. Teenager Andrian lives in a village on the border with Moldova with his religious Mother and drinking Father. In secret from his peers he makes angels out of wax and moonlights as a drug courier for a local bandit named Sergiu transporting his cannabis across the border to Moldova. Shortly before Easter Andrian plans to flee to Europe with his friend.

The escape fails, and the battered Andrian returns home. It becomes clear that he attempted to escape only because of his mother to whom he feels a strong sexual attraction and does not know how to live with it.

Andrian goes to the local priest. The priest gives him the example of Christ who redeemed the sins of mankind. This conversation becomes crucial for Andrian and soon he decides to find his own “Golgotha” to atone for his sin…"

Frames from the movie