The movie how to come up

The couple of cheerful nonconformists just got married and goes home - and meet hooligans. The aunt of pre-retirement age washed down was after death of the husband, but worships the daughters twins - and them from orphanage carry on the slippery road. To the boy bought the computer - but the father was gone, and mother gloomy a bough for which there is only "antler" and "bad" way of life...

Sigarev's movie "to Live" is unlike other domestic arthouse movies. In any "The mad help" everything begins innocently, but becomes gradually worse; and in "to Live" everything it is awful from the very beginning. And from a bottom it is possible to float only up. To flounder, clamber, choke, throw out baggage and to break clothes - but to come up to take a sip air.

I will tell lies if I tell that "to Live" the optimistical movie. And matter isn't that someone badly lives, people around don't understand someone or deceive the authorities. Simply a subject Sigarev took the accurate: "the most awful moment in life and as to overcome it". As well as in reality, recipes for this purpose aren't present. About it you won't read on the Internet, the wise monk won't tell, the Lord from heavens (the heroine vents the grief on the orthodox father, and that, the kind soul, tries to understand it and to help, but firewood should be carried, and she speaks unclear, and go - it home, it in the personal hell) won't prompt.

By the way, about people around and about the power. The nurse, the cop, colleagues here quite to itself usual as more often happens in life. Not angels, but also not werewolves in dressing gowns/shoulder straps. Is both reptiles, and numskulls, but they somewhere on the brink of consciousness - too as in life.

Generally, to begin to cry kind tears on credits it won't turn out. But it is necessary to sit silently and very even strongly to feel whom already I lost, and who else nearby. "Call parents" (c)


"As I carried out this summer" works in a dangerous zone, where a stolkonoveniye of the physical world of severe Puskepalis and the virtual world in Dobrygin's shaggy head — only initial level of game which the following follows: quest in search of a morals source as bases of human acts.

Kirill Andreev

It is quite possible to call the movie and magic, but the magic in works of art sometimes appears irrespective of intentions of authors. And here high quality from doesn't undertake anywhere is a sign of skill.

Svetlana Stepnova